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Chloe’s Heart Leads The Way


Children’s Book - A Story About Love

Written and Illustrated by: Julie House


Chloe's Heart leads the way is based on the amazing true story of Dee Brestin and her faithful childhood dog Chole. When Dee is badly burned in a fire and has to spend months in the hospital, Chloe escapes her yard,  travels blocks to the hospital and climbs three stories on the fire escape to find Dee! 


"Any child who loves animals will love the Furables books from exciting new talent Julie House. These are true stories of pets that will make you and your child laugh out loud. “Hurrying Worrying Henry” is a hamster who gets shut in the fridge, Chessa is a cat with a terrible temper, and Sammy is a dachshund who cannot resist forbidden chocolate. My grandchildren learn the rhymes and often “read” with me as we turn the cleverly illustrated pages. When we are done, they say, “Again!”
-Dee Brestin, author of "The Friendships Of Women"